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What You Should Know Concerning COBRA Health Insurance

If there is something that people want is security for their job. However, there are many situations that can arise causing you to lose your job. At the same time, people are always looking for better opportunities. Therefore, they would move on when a better opportunity comes up. When you lose your job or get a new employer, you would lose your group health plan sponsored by your employer.

Since health insurance is one of the things that people want to have, it can be frustrating to lose your benefits. The good news, however, is that there is an option for continued coverage with COBRA health insurance. COBRA is a federal law where employers are required to allow employees who lose their jobs to continue enjoying the benefits of their health insurance.

By purchasing COBRA insurance at, however, you are just getting continued coverage. However, you will have to meet the full premiums to enjoy the benefits. The employer will not contribute their portion as before. You will instead incur the entire cost of the insurance to enjoy the benefits. The reason why many people choose COBRA health insurance is that they will continue to enjoy the benefits of their health insurance while between jobs. They would then enroll in the health care plan of the new employer.

There are, however, several conditions for you to be eligible for COBRA health insurance. One of the rules is that you must have lost your job voluntarily or you were let go or your hours were cut. But because you want to continue enjoying the benefits, you would be eligible for COBRA insurance. Another rule for qualifying for COBRA insurance is that the employer should have at least 20 employees. If the number of employees is below 20, you would not be eligible. Read more about this company on this page.

Again, you must make your application for continued coverage within 60 days. During that period, you need to decide whether you want to continue with your employer-sponsored health plan. If you choose COBRA insurance, however, you will need to do the required enrolment. However, you will have to pay the full premiums to continue enjoying the benefits.

Your COBRA coverage will be the same as the one provided with your employer. COBRA health insurance is also temporary and will remain in force for 18-36 months. The length of time you continue enjoying COBRA benefits will depend on the reason why you choose the benefits. However, talking to an expert would help you make the right decision concerning your health coverage. Discover more about health insurance at

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